Renata Cooper Founder & CEO of Forming Circles, a social and ethical investment company, joins the advisory board of Stand 3ft Back showing her commitment to assist launch Good360 Australia. A visionary entrepreneur, Renata is committed to turning ideas into reality. It is not a surprise then, when asked to assist in establishing Good360 in Australia, Renata was the first to provide financial assistance.

Renata Cooper founded Forming Circles, in 2011 with a desire to inspire change in the way we do business through the power of giving.  Forming Circles pioneers change in Australia through community engagement; education, mentorship and grants for small business; and as an advocate of education and literacy through Written Portraits an annual writing competition for teenagers.  Committed to empowering people and ideas, through Forming Circles, Renata Cooper has invested in over 70 local and national businesses, individuals and organisations since its inception.

Renata Cooper explains

“The Good360 model has the potential to change the face of giving in Australia. Being pioneering, many traditional sources of funding do not have the vision to see this unique opportunity. It takes equal parts visionary and equal parts driving passion from a dedicated entrepreneur like Alison Covington to make significant change in the world. I greatly admire the project, for the significant change and benefit Good360 Australia will have redistributing excess product to those that need it most whilst avoiding this excess product going to landfill.  This is a win for social good and the environment and that is why I am prepared to back Alison Covington both with financial resources and my commitment as an advisory board member.”

Director of Stand3ftBack, Alison Covington agrees.

“Working with Renata Cooper provided us with the much needed initial funding required to start a charitable model such as this. Funding that had previously been out of reach. On average, Good360 delivers $70 worth of goods for every dollar donated. We are providing a model that is efficient, innovative and doesn’t replicate other services. We are pleased that Renata was quick to recognise that by funding our charitable model it enables all other charities giving greater impact for charitable donations and we welcome the addition of Renata, a respected business leader, to our advisory board to strengthen our ties to the business and charity community

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