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Is Product Philanthropy – the new buzz word.

It is an expression, which is getting a lot of buzz around town in the United States and around the globe thanks to Good360  , but in Australia many Australians are still trying to get their tongues around it and Alison Covington – Director, Stand 3ft Back, is on a mission to change that.

Why bring Good360 and Product Philanthropy to Australia? The Good360 operating model essentially takes donations of excess stocks that may otherwise end up as landfill and makes them available to bona fide charities through a controlled web portal, allowing corporations to meet social responsibility goals, doing good for the environment and freeing charities up to concentrate on their core concerns.

Alison Covington says we know Australian companies have big hearts; we have witnessed this during times of disaster. The Good360 charity model will help us co-ordinate these donations not just during disaster but all year round and take it to the next level with an online platform never seen before.  If you consider eBay links those who have to those who want,  Good 360 links those who have to those who need.

Stand 3ft Back, has also entered discussions with In Kind Direct, The Princes Charity in the UK (  ) who works closely with Good360 and function with a similar operating model.

It is HRH Prince Charles’ desire to see In Kind Direct work with Good360 to develop a working model for Australia and other Commonwealth countries.  Covington says with the expertise from Good360 and In Kind Direct, a cutting edge yet simple product philanthropy model will be established by Stand 3ft Back in Australia easing the fund raising burden on Australian charities by making millions of dollars of product philanthropy available to them online, ultimately assisting thousands of underprivileged Australians.

The Good360 operating model does also require funds. To this end, we are seeking funding to establish a management team and fully develop a business plan. Covington is now on the first round of seeking seed funding and invites Australians to join us in the circle of giving, finding a way that they can help us help others.  “It is such a great concept, when I tell my story I am like a magnet, everyone wants to connect, they want to join our circle of giving. I know ‘Product Philanthropy’ will be rolling off the tongues of Australians soon, I just know it. Watch this space. “Alison Covington

For more information please contact:

Alison Covington | Director Stand 3ft Back | 0419 423 097

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