Alison Covington

Alison Covington

As a Director of multi-million dollar businesses, Alison developed an enviable record for innovation; a reputation for raising standards, increasing profitability in loss-making companies and guiding them through the obstacles of major industry reform.

With strenuous executive skills, Alison not only harnessed the ability to foster, cultivate and strengthen organisational, community and political ties – she also mobilised her social conscience through demonstrated charitable action within Australian communities.

Alison’s successful business operations became a platform for her philanthropic ideals. She utilised her corporate expertise to benefit others and make a positive social difference. Innovative and creative, Alison always strives to not only consider all available alternatives to problem solving, but to ensure that  -in so doing -  she draws upon her creativity and ingenuity.

Alison prides herself on encouraging staff and clients alike to approach problem-solving by “standing back” and appreciating the situation from a different perspective.  Hence the inspiration for “Stand 3ft Back” was born.

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