Our Projects

Good360 is an online platform that allows companies to donate unwanted, discontinued or overstock inventory to registered charities. Australian charities, for the first time, will have an easily accessible online portal to access the products essential to providing their ongoing services.

Online shopping has been readily accepted in the consumer market and this proven system will streamline current cumbersome processes and increase the level of product philanthropy across Australia due to the high tech simplistic system

Good 360 will facilitate product donations from companies/stores to charities through a network of warehouses and will create strategic partnerships with freight companies.

We will streamline giving and receiving as well as increase the amount of products available, freeing up staff to concentrate on core business and not wasting time sourcing product donations.

The Good360 operating model does also require funds. To this end, we are seeking funding to establish a management team and fully develop a business plan. We invite you to join us in the circle of giving, finding a way that you can help us help others.

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