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Website converts excess goods to good deeds

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Posted Fri Jun 7, 2013 8:09pm AEST

A website launching in Australia aims to help companies convert excess goods into good deeds, reducing their costs and environmental impact along the way, and all inspired by a touching story of love.

Sharon O’Neill

Source: 7.30 New South Wales | Duration: 7min 3sec


Waste Not. Want Not.

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Picture a world where surplus consumerism afforded by corporates and multinationals is put
to good use in a charitable way. Now imagine the benefiters are disadvantaged Australians
whose lives are fundamentally changed for the better. Philanthropist and entrepreneur
Alison Covington has imagined this new world vision for underprivileged Australians which
propelled her to develop Good360 Australia, an e-commerce business model that encourages
Australians and Corporate Australia to do just that; to stand back and consider the plight of
those less fortunate.
“My aim is to establish a philanthropic online platform that connects donors in
Australia with local charities that would benefit the most. The principle concept
works from taking excess unwanted, discontinued or overstock inventory
donated by corporates to help those in need”, Alison explains.
What this means for Australia is for the first time ever, local charities will have an easily
accessible online portal to access the products they need to provide their services to those
who need it most.
Straight away when you meet Alison what becomes apparent is that this isn’t an
idealistic pipedream conjured up by a well-intended do-gooder. Alison is in her
own right a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur, who by age 30 became
Managing Director of a global transport business. Alison has devoted 1000’s of
hours of her own time and experience to launch Stand 3 Ft Back.
“Our current project is modeled on concepts that have successfully operated
in other countries”, Alison explains. This means that Alison is eliminating a lot

of the inevitable risk and guesswork by using valuable learnings and strategies
from successful organisations ‘Good360’ in the US and ‘In Kind Direct’, in the UK
to launch this proven concept locally.
“I read an article about this concept operating in US and thought what a great
idea. I am an avid online shopper and I thought what a no brainer that NFP’s
could access products online as well”.
Good360, ranked by Forbes Magazine as ‘one of the top 10 best-managed
charities’, was launched in the US 30 years ago. It has distributed more than
$7billion of donated product to charities and its operating costs are less than
1.8% of the value of the products donated. It serves thousands of pre-qualified
charities and it handles product distribution, logistics and warehousing for
hundreds of Fortune 500 corporations.
In Kind Direct, founded by HRH the Prince of Wales in 1996 in the UK now has over 850
companies involved in the programs with over 97% of charities recommending the service to
others. A recent report released also shows the product distributed to charities helped them
remain sustainable when other sources of funding had decreased.
“It’s a true win-win for the greater good”, Alison exudes with passion and a hint
of impatience that you can only admire given what she has seen work on a grand
scale overseas and is eager to see rolled out in her own country.
“In this way, goods which would otherwise have ended up as waste or landfill are
instead directed to those in need. It is akin to the notion of ‘paying it forward’ on
a tangible scale, Alison says.

Alison needs seed funding for staff costs to establish the initial phase of the business and is
looking for interested Australian businesses to partner with.
“We are fortunate that we have secured pro-bono legal services, however other
costs are not covered and I have been calling in ‘favours’ from many associates
and working myself on the project.

Crowd funding is a great way to spread the world about our project and allows
anyone, whether an individual or business to show their support. It is also a great
way for charities to say that they love what we are doing and show their support.
If they help us get up and running our project helps them, pay it forward.”

Commonwealth Bank – Women in Focus

Written by Vicki Aristidopoulos.