FORMING CIRCLES – our founding funder

FORMING CIRCLES our founding funder

2013 starts with a bang and thanks to Forming Circles the year will continue on the path of onwards and upwards.

Forming Circles, our founding funder generously stepped forward to enable us to visit In Kind Direct in the UK and Good360 in USA. Our trip to visit these operations has enabled us to progress making this charity a reality in Australia.

After sitting side by side with the incredible teams that do so much good and change the lives of so many we are even more inspired, motived and ready to make this a reality in 2013.

Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.


Never has there been a more apt quote than this to describe the collective group of passionate I can’t say ‘employees’ because there was such ownership and passion for what they do I am not sure what the correct word is……….. team?

I would gladly sit side by side each and every one of them in a flash when we start up in Australia and I know they are keen to come out as well, watch out we might have a run of visa applications. Sydney is a great place to work.  A lot warmer than the snowy conditions I was greeted with in January in London / Virginia – Washington. I did love the snow though especially when it was 46 degrees in Sydney.

Why do we want to replicate this charity?

It is innovative, efficient and doesn’t replicate any existing charitable services.

Australians want to understand more about how their donations are used and the impact they have. On average Good360 delivers $70 worth of product for every dollar donated.

Forming Circles is about generating ripples and the funding they provided for this study tour has provided ripples from one side of the world all the way around the other that will have a lasting benefit for Australia.

Thank you Renata, we are eternally grateful for your generosity, belief in project and passion and assistance to pioneer product philanthropy in Australia

In 2012, Forming Circles invested over $300,000 into helping many Australian people and businesses to better their life and kick-start their businesses.

About FORMING CIRCLES is a unique Australian organization that is committed to providing positive outcomes for individuals and groups.


Inspiring change in the way we do business in the 21st century

Company Overview

FORMING CIRCLES is a unique Australian organization that is committed to providing positive outcomes for Australian individuals and groups. Founded by Renata Cooper at the end of 2011 it was incorporated as an ethical and social investment company. Forming Circles provides a creative platform that through inspiration, education, collaborative partnerships and financial help can turn ideas into a reality.


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