About Us

About Us

Why we should Stand 3ft Back?

Stand 3ft Back, a Sydney based firm, brings together experienced professionals who share a passion for philanthropy and a united approach to solution-focused problem-solving.  Socially conscious innovators, the Stand 3ft Back team have been providing consulting and professional services for businesses of all sizes and diverse range of industries for over 15 years. The driving force behind our team is our vision and commitment to philanthropic projects, coupled with our genuine desire to make the world a better place.

The Stand 3ft Back team maintains strong networks with government, politicians, agencies and the media to strengthen our ability to achieve the positive outcome for the projects we work on. Working at Stand 3ft Back, is not just a job – we are passionate about the projects we accept. Our success is directly attributed to the talent, experience and diversity of our team.

We are the driving force and project managers for the “Good360Australia” project.

Alison Covington, Director – prides herself on encouraging staff and clients alike to approach problem-solving by “standing back” and appreciating the situation from a different perspective.  Hence the inspiration for “Stand 3ft Back” was born.